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Vehicle Adaptations

Here are some of our most popular adaptations. Please click here to view our brochure or call us on 0845 257 1670 for more information.

View our range of Adapted Vehicles and Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles here.

Push-Pull Hand Controls

Allows the vehicle to be driven using single lever push pull hand controls rather than pedals, pulling towards you to accelerate and pushing away from you to brake.

Left Foot Accelerator

We use a ‘flip style’ accelerator on the left-hand side of the brake pedal that flips down when required. This enables the driver to use their left foot to accelerate rather than the right.

Left Foot Accelerator Plate

Allows the left foot to operate the accelerator pedal whilst guarding the right accelerator with a plate.

Steering Wheel Aid/Ball

This allows the wheel to be turned with minimal effort as it gives an easier grip for the driver.

Infra-Red Steering Ball

Enables control to all vehicle auxiliary functions for people with limited upper body mobility whilst steering the car safely.

Indicator Toggle

Allows easy and safe operation of the indicators via a small switch whilst using hand controls.


Conversions allow wheelchair users to travel in the rear of the vehicle without wheelchair transfers.

Transfer From Wheelchair

Enables a wheelchair user to independently transfer themselves into the driver’s position.

Boot Hoist

Enables safe and easy storage of wheelchairs in the boot of a vehicle. Operated by an electric remote with 2 or 4 metal attachments to secure.

Wheelchair Accessible Minibuse

Wheelchair Accessible Minibuses

These larger vehicles have up to four wheelchair positions and a variety of seating combinations.