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Adapted Vehicle Hire (AVH), the UK’s largest provider of specialist rental vehicles for disabled motorists, has posted its best quarterly performance in its 13 year history with sales in Q4 2017 up 20% year-on-year.

Map Showing Growth

In the last year, AVH’s range of adapted vehicles has continued to grow, with the provider offering access to the widest selection available in the UK, allowing it to source the perfect match for both domestic and business users. AVH’s ability to process bookings and deliver vehicles faster than its competitors continues to position the business as the industry leader.

As part of its expansion, AVH has invested in adding further wheelchair accessible vehicles to its fleet, including the latest Hyundai i30 automatic models and the new Fiat Ducato seven-seater automatics. Both vehicles are fuel efficient additions to AVH’s range, complying with European emissions standards and broadening the choices for individuals, couples and large families alike.
AVH Managing Director, John Ellis, said: “The fast delivery of vehicles tailored to specific individual, family and business needs stems from effective dialogue with customers, ensuring we have complete understanding of their circumstances. This customer-led approach is at the heart of our business and is why we’ve been able to build up a loyal client base and secure returns on repeat bookings.

“An individual telephone consultation with a member of the team prior to vehicle allocation enables us to cater for every type of disability to ensure we provide optimum mobility. It means each customer can be confident their unique needs are met.”

Whilst it’s not unusual for specialist rental providers to supply disabled motorists with vehicles over ten years old, AVH replaces its smaller vehicles after just three years and upgrades its larger vehicles every five, to the benefit of its customers.

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