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Redefining Accessibility with Adapted Vehicle Hire

At Adapted Vehicle Hire (AVH), we’re leading the way in making society more inclusive. With our wide range of mobility solutions, including wheelchair accessible and adapted vehicle rentals, we empower individuals facing mobility challenges to conquer everyday obstacles. Our mission goes beyond just facilitating movement; we’re committed to enhancing overall quality of life and expanding possibilities for every customer.

Join us in exploring the transformative impact of AVH.

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Empowering Independence

At Adapted Vehicle Hire (AVH), we’re thrilled to offer a fantastic range of wheelchair-accessible vehicles (WAVs) and adapted vehicles, all carefully designed to give you more independence than ever before. These vehicles aren’t just for getting from A to B; they’re turning everyday trips into exciting adventures waiting to happen. We’re passionate about making sure everyone can experience this freedom, which is why each vehicle is tailored to suit a variety of needs.

Take a look at our Renault Trafic, a real crowd-pleaser with its roomy interior and easy access. Whether you’re traveling alone or with loved ones, this vehicle ensures every journey is comfortable and stress-free. Then there’s our Hyundai Tucson, equipped with features like hand controls and steering aids. It’s all about making driving easier and more enjoyable, especially for those who need a little extra support.

At AVH, we understand that an active lifestyle isn’t just about getting from place to place – it’s about seizing every opportunity and embracing new experiences. That’s why our team is dedicated to not only providing top-quality vehicles but also offering support and guidance to help you make the most of your mobility. Whether it’s recommending accessible attractions or sharing tips for travel, we’re here to ensure your journey is filled with excitement and possibility.

Custom-Tailored for Every Lifestyle

Our team at Adapted Vehicle Hire (AVH) is deeply committed to ensuring that your mobility experience seamlessly aligns with your unique lifestyle. With a diverse fleet designed to cater to various needs, whether you’re exploring new territories, engaging in sports and leisure activities, or simply navigating your daily routine, we have the perfect vehicle to seamlessly integrate into your life. Whether you need extra room for gear, specialised accessibility features, or cutting-edge driving aids, we provide tailored options to meet your specific requirements.

Whether you need extra room for gear, specialised accessibility features, or cutting-edge driving aids, we provide tailored options to meet your specific requirements. From spacious WAVs ideal for family adventures to sleek models crafted for urban exploration, our range encompasses a vehicle for every lifestyle.

Fostering an Active, Accessible Lifestyle

Finding the ideal mobility solution is effortless with AVH. Whether you require ample space for equipment, specialised accessibility features, or advanced driving aids, we offer tailored options to suit your requirements.

Navigating the world with a disability can present unique challenges and can be quite stressful, particularly when it comes to driving. Here are some tips to help you get out and about safely and confidently:

    • Know your options: Research and explore adapted vehicles that cater to your specific needs and preferences. AVH offers a range of vehicles equipped with features such as hand controls, steering aids, and wheelchair accessibility to enhance your driving experience.
    • Seek professional guidance: Consult with a certified driving rehabilitation specialist who can assess your abilities and recommend appropriate adaptations or modifications to ensure safe and comfortable driving.
    • Practice makes perfect: Take the time to familiarise yourself with any adaptive equipment or modifications before hitting the road. Practice driving in a safe and controlled environment to build confidence and proficiency.
    • Stay informed: Stay up-to-date on accessible driving laws and regulations in your area. Familiarise yourself with parking options, accessible routes, and other resources available to facilitate your mobility.

From spacious vans ideal for family adventures to sleek models crafted for urban exploration, our range encompasses a vehicle for every lifestyle. Our knowledgeable team is here to assist you in discovering the perfect match that aligns perfectly with your mobility needs and preferences.

Cultural and Community Connections

AVH vehicles serve as your passport to cultural discovery and community engagement. We encourage our clients to fully immerse themselves in cultural experiences, participate in community events, and cherish social gatherings without limitations.

Navigating cultural and community events with a disability may require some additional planning and consideration. Here are some tips to help you make the most of your experiences:

    • Plan ahead: Research accessible venues and events in your area. Look for facilities with ramps, elevators, and accessible parking to ensure smooth accessibility.
    • Utilise AVH’s services: Choose a vehicle from our fleet that best suits your mobility needs and preferences. Whether you’re attending a cultural festival or a community gathering, our adapted vehicles are equipped to provide comfort and convenience throughout your journey.
    • Connect with local organisations: Reach out to disability advocacy groups or cultural organisations in your community to learn about upcoming events and accessible resources. They may offer valuable insights and support to enhance your cultural experiences.

Embrace inclusivity: Engage with diverse communities and embrace opportunities to learn about different cultures and perspectives. Participate in cultural celebrations, workshops, and exhibitions to broaden your horizons and foster meaningful connections.

By utilising AVH’s services and implementing these steps you can deepen your cultural and community connections, enriching your life and creating lasting memories.

Seamless Mobility Experiences

We pride ourselves on using cutting-edge technology to make your travels easier and safer. Our WAVs and adapted vehicles are packed with the latest adaptive technologies, ensuring that every trip is both enjoyable and secure. From satellite navigation systems to touch screens and electric controls, our vehicles are outfitted with modern conveniences to enhance your journey. Additionally, our fleet includes amenities such as adjustable seating, voice command systems, and parking assistance technology, ensuring that every aspect of your drive is comfortable and convenient.

Inspiring Journeys

The essence of AVH’s impact is captured in the stories of those we’ve had the privilege to serve. This compilation of testimonials from clients who have embraced an active lifestyle with our assistance vividly illustrates the life-changing potential of our services. These personal accounts demonstrate how our WAVs and adapted vehicles play a pivotal role in overcoming mobility challenges, empowering individuals to meaningfully engage with the world around them. Explore Their Stories.

Conclusion: The AVH Difference

At Adapted Vehicle Hire, we’re not just here to rent you a vehicle. We’re your champions of inclusivity, and your partners in living life to the fullest. By breaking down barriers to accessibility, AVH gives you the power to pursue your interests, connect with your community, and enjoy the freedom to explore. Find out for yourself what sets AVH apart and how we can make a real difference in your life. Come and experience the AVH Difference today.