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Measuring your Wheelchair for a WAV

Hiring a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV) from Adapted Vehicle Hire is an excellent solution for enhancing mobility and independence. It allows wheelchair users to travel comfortably and effortlessly. If you’re considering hiring a WAV from us, it’s essential to measure your wheelchair accurately—a crucial step often overlooked.

This guide will walk you through the process of measuring a wheelchair for a WAV hire, ensuring every trip is safe, comfortable, and enjoyable.

Preparing your wheelchair for measurement

Before you start measuring your wheelchair, follow these steps to ensure accurate and reliable measurements:

  1. Start on a firm, flat, level surface: It’s important to measure the wheelchair on a level and stable surface to ensure that the measurements remain accurate and consistent.
  2. Position the wheelchair user in their usual posture: Sit in your wheelchair in your normal position with your back straight to ensure that the measurements reflect your actual seating position when travelling.
  3. Keep all accessories in their normal position: If the wheelchair is fitted with a headrest, footrest, or armrest, make sure these are included in the measurements as it could make a difference to the overall vehicle size.
  4. Remove loose or bulky clothing: Clothing can affect the dimensions, so remember to remove these items before taking measurements.
  5. Use a measuring tape: To accurately measure the wheelchair, invest in a robust retractable measuring tape that doesn’t bend.

Essential Wheelchair Measurements for a WAV Hire: Measuring the width, length, and height of your wheelchair will help you find a WAV hire that suits your needs, ensuring a safe and comfortable travelling experience.

Wheelchair Width

The width of your wheelchair is an important factor when choosing a WAV hire, especially if you plan on using a ramp. This measurement also helps determine whether the wheelchair will fit comfortably between any rear seating positions if there are other passengers or luggage.

How to Measure the Width of Your Wheelchair?

Take a measuring tape and measure the distance from one side of the wheelchair to the other from the widest point and be sure to include any armrests or attachments

Wheelchair Length

The length of your wheelchair determines its location in the rear of the vehicle. A longer wheelchair may require a larger WAV hire to ensure safety and comfort during transportation.

How to Measure the Length of Your Wheelchair?

To determine the wheelchair’s overall length, you’ll need to measure the distance of the wheelchair from the back of the rear wheel to the front of the footrests. If there are any additional accessories on the front of the wheelchair, such as a bag or tray, measure the length of these and add the measurement to the overall length of the wheelchair.

Wheelchair Height and Seated Height

The height of your wheelchair and your seated height will determine the headroom you’ll have in the vehicle. The interior height of a WAV hire can vary, and having enough headroom is important for comfort and safety.

Measuring the Heights of Your Wheelchair?

To measure the height of your wheelchair, you will need to measure the distance from the ground to the highest point of your chair. This may be the top of the backrest, the headrest, or any other protruding part of the chair. Add any additional height that the addition of seating or support cushions to the seated height measurement may add to give you the overall seated height of your wheelchair.

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