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Choosing the right adapted vehicle for your specific needs can be a complex task, and it’s crucial for ensuring comfort, safety, and functionality during travel. At AVH we are dedicated to providing tailored transportation solutions that enable you to move about with ease and confidence. Whether you’re planning a short trip around town or a longer journey, knowing what to look for in a wheelchair accessible vehicle (WAV) or a car with bespoke adaptations is fundamental.

Our fleet of vehicles is not just varied; each model is equipped with modifications designed to meet a wide range of individual needs. From wheelchair ramps and lifts to hand controls and steering aids, each feature is selected to enhance the driving or travel experience for persons with mobility challenges. By understanding these adaptations and their benefits, you can make an informed decision about which vehicle will best suit your needs.

It’s also vital to ensure that the vehicle you choose meets your mobility requirements and offers the highest standards of safety and comfort. We take pride in guiding you through this selection process, providing insights on the most essential features to consider and how each can contribute to a smoother, safer driving experience.

Entering your car can be a little tricky if you are physically challenged, young blonde woman with loss of leg function

Understanding Vehicle Adaptations and Their Benefits

Our adapted vehicles are designed to provide maximum convenience and accessibility for individuals with various mobility requirements. These adaptations are about adding functionality and enhancing the comfort and safety of the driver and passengers. For instance, one of the most common features we equip our vehicles with is wheelchair access. This includes ramps or lifts, which are crucial for individuals using wheelchairs, enabling them to board and exit the vehicle with ease.

Moreover, we realise the importance of personal independence, which is why we incorporate hand controls for drivers who find standard foot pedals challenging to use. These controls are tailored to each vehicle and user, allowing for the smooth operation of the car through hand-operated levers. These changes empower our users by providing them with greater control and freedom and ensuring a safer driving experience by catering to individual physical needs. Understanding these adaptations and how they benefit users is key to appreciating the value of an adapted vehicle.

Entering your car can be a little tricky if you are a physically challenged young blonde woman with a loss of leg function.

Key Features to Consider in Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

When selecting a wheelchair accessible vehicle (WAV), you should consider several key features to ensure that the vehicle suits your needs perfectly. First and foremost, the type of entry is vital. Vehicles can be equipped with either rear or side entry points; choosing the right one depends on your specific requirements and the situations in which the vehicle will be used. Side entries are beneficial when parking in confined spaces, whereas rear entries can be easier for larger wheelchairs and when multiple people need access to the vehicle.

Another essential feature to look out for is the internal height of the vehicle. This is crucial for ensuring that there is ample headroom when seated in the wheelchair. We ensure our WAVs have adjustable seating configurations, which provide flexibility and comfort for both drivers and passengers. It’s also beneficial to consider the seatbelt and restraint systems customised for safety while seated in a wheelchair. Lastly, consider the storage space available in the vehicle; sufficient room for both personal belongings and the wheelchair itself, when not in use, adds convenience to your travel experience. Each of these features plays a crucial role in defining the suitability of a vehicle to your lifestyle and mobility needs.

A Checklist for Evaluating Adapted Vehicle Safety

Safety is paramount when it comes to selecting an adapted vehicle, and it’s essential to perform a thorough evaluation before making a decision. We ensure that each vehicle we offer meets the highest safety and reliability standards. Start by checking the vehicle’s adaptation certifications to confirm that all modifications are professionally and legally compliant. It’s also crucial to inspect the wheelchair securing systems; these should be easy to use and robust enough to hold the wheelchair firmly in place during travel.

Additionally, the vehicle should have passed all regular mechanical inspections and maintenance checks, just like any other car. The braking system, tyres, and lights should be in excellent condition to ensure safe operation. If you’re unsure about what to look for, our team is here to help with detailed information and can provide reassurance that each vehicle has been rigorously tested for safety and comfort.

Questions to Ask Us Before Renting Your Adapted Vehicle

Before finalising your adapted vehicle rental, there are a few important questions you should ask to ensure that the vehicle fits your specific needs perfectly. Inquire about the vehicle’s specific adaptations and ask for a demonstration of how each feature operates. This is important for understanding how to use the features and ensuring they are suited to your abilities and requirements. It’s also a good idea to ask about emergency procedures and support. Knowing what to do in an unexpected situation and whether assistance is available can make all the difference during your rental period.

Moreover, discuss the hire terms to clearly understand the duration, costs, and any additional fees that may apply. Remember to ask about the availability of additional equipment, such as GPS systems or extra storage solutions, that might make your trip more comfortable. Our team is ready to answer these questions and any others you may have to ensure you have all the information needed for a secure and enjoyable experience with our vehicles.


Choosing the right adapted vehicle involves considering various factors, from the specific vehicle adaptations that enhance accessibility and comfort to the essential safety checks that ensure a secure experience. At Adapted Vehicle Hire, we are committed to providing high-quality, reliable vehicles that meet the varied needs of our customers. Whether you need a car for a day or a longer period, our team is here to assist you in finding the perfect solution that fits your lifestyle and mobility requirements.

To learn more about our range of adapted vehicles and how Adapted Vehicle Hire can help make your travels smoother and more enjoyable, please contact us today. We look forward to helping you achieve greater independence and confidence on the road.